Premium Meat Seasonings

Our meat seasonings make the perfect gift for the hunter in your life! Take a look at our selection today and place your order. We ship across the United States.

Rebel BBQ Rub

Rebel BBQ RubEveryone agrees that you can't go wrong with Rebel's famous BBQ Rub. It's a versatile rub - use a mixture of two parts cornmeal and one part rub for everything from frying fish to deviled eggs. The shaker bottle has two pounds of rub, with one-pound options also available.

1 POUND: $6 + S&H     This is a 1lb bag
2 POUNDS: $12 + S&H
 $70 + S&H

Rebel Butcher Smoke Sausage Seasoning
(With or Without Cure)

Smoke Sausage SeasoningThis is the perfect blend for smoked sausages. One 38-ounce bag will be enough for 100 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $12 + S&H 
+ S&H

Rebel Butcher Country Sausage Seasoning Hot

Make your patty sausage perfect every time! One 18-ounce bag is perfect for 50 pounds of meat.


PRICE: $8 + S&H
 $90 + S&H

Mike's Spicy Rub

Mike's Spicy RubIt's our famous BBQ spiced up to perfection. Mike's Spicy Rub adds a delicious spice to chicken.

PRICE: $12 + S&H

Italian Sausage Seasoning

Italian Sausage SeasoningFlavored with fennel seed, this makes a great Italian Sausage. One bag will do 50 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $7 + S&H

Rebel Cajun Sausage Seasoning

This seasoning is one of our biggest sellers. It has just the right amount of kick for great spicy sausages. The bag will do 50lbs of meat.

PRICE: $8 + S&H

Rebel Butcher Country Sausage Seasoning

Country Sausage Seasoning Make your sausage perfect with this great blend of spices. One 18-ounce bag is enough for 50 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $7+ S&H
PRICE: $85 + S&H

Rebel Garlic Sausage Seasonings

This seasoning adds the perfect amount of garlic to your sausage. We know you'll love the taste! The bag does 50 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $8 + S&H

Rebel Butcher Country Sausage
(No-Sage Seasoning)

This great blend makes an excellent boudin sausage. The bag contains 17 ounces and is enough for 50 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $7 + S&H

Summer Sausage Kit

This kit includes enough summer sausage seasoning to do 25 lbs, with 9 (2.5 X 20) mahogany casings and four ounces of cure. (Only one ounce of cure is needed for 25 lbs.)

Price: $15 + S&H 

Bologna Kit

Make your own deer bologna! This great recipe includes Legg's Brand Bologna Seasoning, one 4-ounce cure, and two Red Bologna Casings. This will make 25 lbs of Bologna (and you will only need to use one ounce of the cure.)

PRICE: $20 + S&H

Salami Kit

Make your own deer salami with our kit. The kit includes a bag of Legg's Brand Salami Seasoning, nine Salami Casings, and one four-ounce cure. (You only need to use one ounce of cure per 25 lbs.) This kit will make 25 lbs of Salami.

PRICE: $24 + S&H

Legg's Brand Jerky Seasoning

Legg's Brand Jerky Seasoning is a fine mixture of spices perfect for making your own jerky. We carry Cajun Jerky, Pepper Jerky, and Regular Jerky. Each bag will make 25 pounds of jerky. (We recommend that you cure your jerky.)

PRICE: $6 + S&H

One-Pound Venison Bags

These are the perfect container bags for your meat, with marks for venison burger or sausage. There are 50 bags in each bundle.


Brown Sugar or Cane Sugar Cure

Adding a great flavor, this five-pound bag is perfect for curing your meat. The bag contains enough to cure 100 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $10 + S&H

Hog Casings

Order our all-natural Hog Casings today. One hank will do 100 pounds of meat.

Price: $26 + S&H 

Prague Powder

Place your order today! Four ounces of Prague Powder will cure 100 pounds of meat.

PRICE: $2 + S&H